A beacon in which memory is collected, and exists, in each passing moment. The context in which one views their surroundings. The light in which we gaze from and upon. Radical vulnerability that allows us to experience the world without expectation.  A bridge of clarity between the unconscious and the conscious realm.  These paintings explore the idea of a muse as memory.  When one begins to paint, the muse becomes a source of excitement or obsession. Of desire and beauty. The idea of the muse becomes more important than the actual muse. The muse becomes multiples and memories. The muse exists in the utopian realm. The muses are long gone. Changed. We look for idolatry in modern worship.  We search for an idea to put a face on God. We worship the sequins in the actors’ dress or the night sky. We stare at the diamonds in the crown. A distraction from the drudgery of daily life.  A sweetness evolved and developed through selection, an idealist beauty basking in the light of glittering new love. The drunken lovers leaving the gathering to engage in the forbidden fruit. The dust on butterflies’ wings. The glow of the fireflies in the field.  Erotic in the way nature reproduces, seducing with attractive color. Bioluminescence in the visual vocabularies of plants and animals. Pathways opened through listening to nature. Not condemning or denying that we are part the vast universe that is God.  A physical act of becoming conduit as an act of communication with an expansive universe.  These paintings represent invisible doorways that simply need calm to be seen clearly.


The paintings are a segue between my Ten Houses Drawings of 2021. 


 Each painting is 110 x110 x 2 inches. The oil paintings are mixed with traditional oil pigments, decoupage, and the phosphorescence of europium compounds.  The paintings can be viewed on the wall in a linear formation or around a cube as an installation.  I do not intend to contain the work to one format.