©2012 -2021 April Johnson/ Artist Right’s Society NYC
About "Ten Houses", A Series of Graphite Drawings: Ten Houses is a series of drawings being created during 2021. This finished drawing has landscape, architectural and body references. This work describes a dream state and has notations of obliterated cyphers, sound patterns, psychedelia, landscape and body reference throughout. A lifetime of notations and sketches from reoccurring dreams in which the artist visits dwellings that she has never seen in life, yet the structure details, occupants and occurrences are extremely vibrant and colorful. The drawings are rendered in black and white as an acknowledgement to the belief that some people only dream in black and white. This drawing is not mounted or framed. The edges are irregular to reflect the spontaneous nature of the work and subject. Each drawing in this series of work has notes, writing and poetry that accompany the work.