Quadriptych Pythia's Sphere of Vision, 2021 , oil on canvas,  four canvases, 72 x 192 x 1.5 in.

The painting Quadriptych (Pythia’s Sphere of Vision) is a 72 x 192 in. oil painting on canvas that compiles a frenetic combination of green marks and alchemic materials to combine the past and the future. The handmade gesso gives way to cracking in some portions of the work that refence antiquity while other areas remain slick and modern in texture.  The biomorphic, body and architectural forms are references to a memory of being a female youth in the 1980’s misogynistic gaze.  The painting is composed of screenshot imagery of 1980’s rock gods undulating gestures, innocent, youthful fawn haired bathers, the hexagon shape, amniotic sacks with contents, vertical stripes of containment, glowing swamps and trees who witness history.   I reference mycelium fungi taking over the idols of the past to devour them and form something entirely new.