This is a collection of work intended to be viewed a whole. " Prayer" is a group of resin and object-based assemblage objects for a larger installation and is in process currently during the summer of 2022.  The items in the assemblage represent time periods and sequence.  "Prayer" is displayed to reflect a visual timeline.  Some objects are assembled into playing card tower type formations.  The overall effect is reflective light filled and a fair amount of eye-catching shadow play is cast through the resin and plexiglass. The objects are assembled site specific.  Some objects are wall mounted, some are strung together with fine monofilament from the ceiling and walls.  Some are viewed on a flat surface such as table or pedestal.  All the objects are recognizable and quite common. This work touches on the histrionics of relationships, memory and explores a personal experience of trust.  Ultimately, the timeline leads to gaining control over circumstances and creating something entirely new from the remnants of the past.   


Drawing for this site-specific assemblage installation will be available on the website after exhibition.
See the portfolio 2019-2022 Installation Projects for examples.